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Frequently Asked Questions

How to Apply for Record?

If You wants to apply for a new record or wants to break any existing record then following steps must be followed by You:

  1. You should check the previous records before to make an attempt for new record or to break the record.
  2. You should have to fill a form which requires some personal information along with information related to his/her record which You wants to break or attempt.
  3. You should have to give an email id which is mandatory.

How do I register?

Once You makes an attempt for new record or to break an existing record then, the next procedure of registration starts which follows:

  1. After making new record attempt, You got an email confirmation which provides a registration number & password

Once You got registered then the main step of record attempt starts which again requires certain guidelines that must be followed you & those guidelines are as under:

  1. After registration, You got an email by the website which enclosed the agreement form related to new record attempt.
  2. You should go through the agreement & have to fill the all required information mentioned in the agreement form.

Once You fills the agreement form completely, then before to submit to the given address of the RHR INDIA You are also enclosed some materials related to the verification of

Your record & these materials are:

  1. High quality color photographs
  2. Video footage of the record attempt on DVD or CD.
  3. Letter from Press or any Media coverage.
  4. Witness Statements who are independents to the applicant.
  5. Statement letter from a qualified person if the record is measurable.
  6. All documents along with agreement form must be signed by the applicant. (If the applicant is under the age of 18 years then Your parents or guardians should sign the agreement).

After completing all the above formalities then, You can submit the agreements along with the materials to the given address of the record organization.

What is fast Track and Normal Track?

Answer: After submitting the agreement form, now the RHR INDIA starts working on the submitted agreement form. The RHR INDIA divides its work to into two categories which saves its time & also helps the applicant to get quick response. The two categories that works under the organization are:

Normal Track: In Normal Track the results are sent from 4 to 6 weeks to the applicant who makes the attempt. Once communication on results is sent, the applicant may get the Record Certificate by sending the Postal Fee to RHR INDIA and receive His/Her Certificate through Courier. The details will be sent later.

Fast Track: Under this category, the RHR INDIA normally takes the time period of 3 to 5 working days to respond to any agreement submitted by the applicant.

In this category, the RHR INDIA appoints a team to track the records. If the applicant wants quick response to his record attempt then he can request to the organization for service which is called Fast Track of record.

In this type of facility, the organization after considering the applicant's request sends his expert team to track the record attempt by the applicant.

To avail the services of the Fast Track, the applicant must have to bear all expenses of the expert team i.e. Travel, Accommodation & Daily Attendance etc.

If the applicant's record attempt is authorized successfully by the RHR INDIA then the RHR INDIA would provide a certificate stated his record.

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