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About Us

How Record Holders Republic Began in India.

RHR-INDIA Provides an Interface between Record Claimer and RHR. If anybody wants to claim in RHR for any Record then he/she will directly approach to Kapil Kalra. He will directly forward your documents to RHR U.K. After that, RHR U.K decides that whether the record claim will accepted or not as a World Record. If not, then RHR U.K say no to Kapil and he will send the same reply to the Claimer.

How Record Holders Republic Began

Founded by Dean Gould holder of over 40 World Records in 2001 as Gould was concerned about many,World Records at the time and since that were not recorded in print or on any web sites. Known as RHR gives record holders and persons who want to list thier records with us only or as well with any other governing body.

The name republic was thought of while traveling to the Republic of Ireland. The word republic meant so many things that Gould wanted to be associated with.

Gould had worked on The Book Of Alternative Records that was published in late 2004. The team consisted of Phil Gould,(Dean Gould's) nephew as author,Ralf Laue, Mulitiple World Record Holder, contributer as Laue had and still has the second largest collection of record data in the world.Laue also runs a record holder members website called also known as Rekord Saxiona. Gould first met Laue at a World Record Festival in Germany during 1996 and had the same ideas regarding record breaking. This all gathered ideas to write The Book Of Alternative Records in 2003.

Gould was researcher and held the team together as he worked with record breakers to get extra material for the book also known as BOAR. Gould contacted Mike Barwell who first wrote the Alternative Book Of Records, a similar title which the publisher liked but changed to The Book Of Alternative Records. Gould had known Barwell since not long after he started the book in 1984 to 1990 and Barwell worked with the new team with the new title of the book. Barwell's role was to find a publisher which he found in 2003. Laue had a few years earlier bought the copyright from Barwell, but only a quarter of the book was used for BOAR as many records were not suited for various reasons and many records since had been broken. Along with Claydon who designed RHR website, the role Claydon would still play in the team.

In 2006 Gould was contacted by another record breaker in the USA called David Adamovich aka The Great Throwdini wanting to list his records as Adamovich was the Worlds Fastest Knife Thrower. Gould struck up a friendship with Adamovich as they both had the same ideas regarding how records should now be recorded. Once Adamovich came over to the UK, Gould made him RHR, President for USA. Thomas Blacke, World Record Holder for making a Doggie Balloon the Quickest was friends with Adamovich and Gould who was looking for a second US President gave Blacke that title. Blacke's role was to find RHR a publishing deal in which he successfuly found in 2007. With Laue contributing around 200 records from BOAR, the team was complete.

Adamovich, Blacke and Gould were the authors of the Believe The Unbelievable ! title dreamed up by Gould,although Adamovich claimed it was he who did so. This argument will continue from now on. Laue as a mild contributer and Claydon as the web designer. known as the BTU team.

The book Believe The Unbelievable! is the biggest book ever on Human Achievements and the foreward written by Ricardo Bellino, Donald Trumps Business partner on the Real Estate in Brazil when Bellino famously had 3 minutes to convince Trump at a meeting that he had a great idea for a deal. He succeded and the rest is folklore. Bellino submitted his feat to RHR as a record which was accepted as the Fasted Sales Pitch of 3 minutes. Ricardo since made friends with Adamovich and is now working with RHR on a big project.

RHR has featured on many US TV Shows and has now got its own TV Show on US Cable TV. This adds to big news coverage of a Record Show by Magicians at the famous Fantasma Magic Shop in New York USA, in 2006, where two top TV News Stations covered the event where many records were beaten and set.

RHR has also been feature heavierly in New Yorks, top selling newspaper, The Wall Street Journal regarding on how the way things have changed in recording World Records.

The entire contents of this site are copyright protected by Dean Gould 2001

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