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"Indian Records is devoted to Collating the records of India & works in association with Record Holders Republic {RHR, U.K}( ) in considering Indian Records as World Records".


Youngest Film Producer

The Record for the "Youngest Film Producer" is at the age of 23 and was achieved by Raushan Jha of Mumbai, India on 19 Sep 2015...(READ MORE)

Non Stop Limbo Skating Under 2015 Bars

TThe Record for the "Non Stop Limbo Skating Under 2015 Bars" were achieved by Joshita Chandra Shekar, Apoorva Pogtyanatti & Karuna Rajan Waghela of Belgaum, India ......(READ MORE)

First Terrace Garden of Apple plants in Unfavourable Climate

The Record for the "First Terrace Garden of Apple plants in Unfavourable Climate" was achieved by Nandkumar Dhumal of Pune, Maharashtra, India on 25 Aug 2015.......(READ MORE)

Most Important : After Approval of RHR (U.K), the Record Claim will consider as a World Record.

Note : There is NO FEE to submit a record . A Pre-Record Submission Application must be completed and approved before attempting to set or break a record. Once completed a Submission Form with full documentation or Online Submit the form or send to RHR Indian Office.

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